Why use Professional Attorneys When Claiming from the Road Accident Fund

According to Stats SA, transport accidents are the third highest cause of unnatural death in South Africa. This alarming statistic, as well as the fact that we all know how motor accidents occur on a daily basis, goes to show just how many people are able to make a claim from the Road Accident Fund (RAF). Unfortunately, many people do not know how to make a claim, nor do they know how to do it efficiently and effectively, often experiencing procedural or RAF payment problems.

What is the Road Accident Fund (RAF)?

The RAF, established by an Act of Parliament, is an organisation that provides compulsory cover to all South African road users, citizens and foreigners. This organisation is responsible for providing appropriate cover to victims of road accidents and their families. The RAF provides two types of cover: compensation for victims of vehicle accidents who have suffered personal injury or their families, as well as indemnity cover to wrongdoers.

How to Claim from RAF

Who may claim? Any person who was involved in a vehicle accident in South Africa and sustained bodily injuries, provided that the person claiming was not the sole cause of the accident. Or any dependent of any person who was involved in a vehicle collision and suffered death. As well as:

  • A close relative of the deceased in respect of funeral expenses.
  • A parent or legal guardian of a minor child.
  • A foster parent in respect of past medical expenses incurred by him/her.
  • An executor of the deceased’s estate.
  • A curator ad litem.

What can you claim from RAF? You can claim past and future hospital and medical expenses, as well as:

  • Past and future loss of income or earnings.
  • Past and future loss of support for a dependent of a deceased victim.
  • And any necessary funeral expenses.

Claiming for RAF – The claim procedure for RAF requires the collection of comprehensive information which supports the claim which you are submitting. This includes a variety of documentation such as an affidavit, hospital records, and witness statements. Claimants may choose to take sole responsibility for their claim, or they can employ a lawyer to handle it for them.

Why use professional attorneys – an attorney will be able to help you mitigate any RAF payment problems as well as streamline the process for you by getting all documentation in order on behalf of the victim while handling any queries that may arise from RAF.

Looking for Attorneys in Pretoria to Help You with Your RAF Claim?

If you’re looking for a team of dedicated, professional attorneys in Pretoria to help you with your RAF claim, contact our team at Engelbrecht Attorneys. We specialise in a full variety of services such as deceased estate administration, and can help you lodge a claim for a deceased victim while attending to all queries raised from RAF payment problems to incomplete claims.