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Engelbrecht Attorneys Conveyancing Services
We assist both private individuals and estate agents in the transfer of properties.

Benefits of utilizing the services of Engelbrecht Attorneys:

  • Download a free Offer to Purchase
  • We negotiate the terms and conditions of the Offer to Purchase on behalf of the parties;
  • We supply a quotation to the Purchaser for the transfer of the property and supply an estimation of the costs involved in bond registrations;
  • Should the Purchaser need assistance in obtaining a bond, we assist in this department as well.

We will supply a free quotation – email your name, as well as the Purchase price to

DOWNLOAD: FREE Offer to Purchase (applicable to private sales only)

Short overview:

Most properties are sold in the current market by way of Private Treaty. The sale usually takes place between private individuals or can be facilitated with the help of an estate agent. The applicable commission is due to an agent, who facilitates the sale.

The Seller has the right to choose who the Transfer Attorney (Conveyancer) is. Should the Seller not have his own Attorney, the agent will usually appoint an Attorney to effect the transfer of the property into the name of the Purchaser.

The Transfer Attorney proceeds with the transfer, once the Purchaser’s bond has been approved, or alternatively when the purchase price has been paid in cash.


  • File is opened; FICA documents (Identification documents, proof of address, income tax numbers, marriage certificate, Ante nuptial Contract) are requested from both Purchaser and Seller. (refer to the read more tab for more information regarding documents needed from the various entities involved with a transfer);
  • Cancellation figures are requested, should the property be bonded;
  • Guarantees are requested from the Bond Attorneys, which will be utilized for the cancellation of the bond;
  • Applications for Rates Clearance Figures, Levy Figures or Home Owners Association Figures are submitted;
  • Documents are drafted for signature by both Seller and Purchaser;
  • Payment is made to SARS for Transfer Duty (thresholds are applicable as indicated by the Minister from time to time);
  • Payment is made to the Local Municipality and Managing agent;
  • Transaction is prepared for lodgement and takes between 5-10 working days to register.

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